Tuesday, 12 July 2016


 Being a tourist in your own city really is so much fun. At the moment, we have Ollie's mom visiting from Australia and it gives us an excuse to get out and check out whatever is happening in the city.
We had the Khatsahlano street festival on Saturday-- which is always our fave because it's just up the street from our place -- and on Sunday we went for a walk on the seawall over to Granville Island. We lucked out with the weather because it looked like it could rain at any moment (keeping the huge crowds away) but in actuality it was absolutely gorgeous. The last time we went to Khatsalano it was like 35 degrees Celsius and so busy that you could barely walk a block in 30 minutes. This year, it felt a lot more chill and I loved it. I hope the vendors didn't mind the smaller crowds -- they definitely put in a long day with that one!

These shots are a few random ones that I took throughout the weekend (some from my instagram @stylingmylife). I've also been posting a lot more consistently to my snapchat (@stylingmylife) so don't forget to follow along over the as well! We're heading on a little road trip to the island soon so I can't wait to show you what we get up to over there.

I hope you have an amazing week! xoxo

Thanks so much for visiting!

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