Tuesday, 13 September 2016

A Day of Chocolate in Sydney | Travel Diary

Fashion Blogger and Digital Nomad Alison Hutchinson in Sydney, Australia
 Seriously -- how are chocolate festivals not a thing everywhere? Everyone loves chocolate and most people love festivals so it's a win-win!
I bet that even the people that aren't fans of street festivals would be willing to make a trip to a chocolate one. It's like being a kid in a candy store! But the candy store is like 10 blocks long and filled with countless chocolate and other food stalls. I've honestly never seen such a huge food festival in my life. We love our food trucks in Vancouver but this is on a whole other level. They don't actually use food trucks here; instead they have little tents for each cuisine, so they would have to bring all of their cooking equipment and set it up in the tents each time. After seeing this, I'm convinced there's a market screaming for food trucks here. If I was even remotely a good cook -- I would be all over it. Too bad I'm not... But at the moment, we're trying to convince Ollie's dad to get on board. Seriously -- best cook ever.
Fashion Blogger and Digital Nomad Alison Hutchinson in Sydney, Australia
So we obviously made the trip into town to check out the best festival ever invented and then had a little wander around in search of knitted shorts for Ollie's little nephew. No luck on the shorts, but I always love checking out the city. I'm on a shopping freeze at the moment, so I wasn't able to check out any of the stores, but this city seriously has some amazing shopping. I was going through a bit of withdrawal on that front, but maybe the next time we're here, I'll get a bit more of a chance. One thing I do want to get while I'm here is another pair of One Teaspoon shorts. I am absolutely obsessed with them at the moment and I've never been able to try them on in person before buying them. But it's an Australian brand and since we are in Australia, I figured I might as well take a little peek into the shops while I'm here! I figure that I'll be living in shorts for the next year or so anyways, so it will be a good investment. An amazing one, really.
Sydney Opera House
Sydney Clock Tower
The huge mistake we made with the chocolate festival was not going hungry. Remembering the food stalls now -- I want to go back and take advantage! At the time, we were on the hunt for the best looking chocolate so that is all that we were focused on. To be totally honest, I was expecting to have more options as a vegan, but in the end -- after hundreds of food stalls -- there was only ONE vegan option. How crazy is that? We found it at the very end of our loop around and I don't think I could have been any happier. I got my chocolate snickers square and ate it in bliss. I'm sure that there's plenty of options for the regular food and we're planning on going back with more room in our tummies to try it out. They have the food festival every weekend from Friday to Sunday so maybe this weekend we'll do it right.
Sydney Chocolate festival at The Rocks
Fashion Blogger and Digital Nomad Alison Hutchinson in Sydney, Australia
At the end of the day, we tried to get to the beach before the sun went down but got there just a bit too late. Once the sun is gone, so is the heat so we just spent a few moments there taking in the view. There was a group of guys swimming right next to us and I have no idea how they managed. That water is not warm at the moment and I was already regretting my decision to wear shorts. So we watched them in awe and then jumped back into the warmth of the car and headed home. 
Fashion Blogger and Digital Nomad Alison Hutchinson in Sydney, Australia

I was wearing:

Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren Bomber Jacket
Aritzia Top
Vince Sandals (with small block heel here and here)
J.Crew Bag

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