Thursday, 1 September 2016

Just The Beginning

Fashion Blogger and Digital Nomad Alison Hutchinson
 Like I mentioned in my last video (check it out here), Ollie and I have left the daily grind of our 9 to 5 jobs to become digital nomads for the next year.
On Monday, we packed up what was left of our apartment and moved the rest of our belongings to my parents' place in Victoria. We had been living in that apartment together for the past 4 years and it felt like the end to such a beautiful chapter, but we know that this is just the beginning of an even more exciting one. Becoming digital nomads is something that we have both wanted to do for the last couple of years and so we finally decided to take the plunge and go off on our own. We have been spending the last few days in Victoria with my family and easing into our new lifestyle by taking it super easy. This week is more about tying up loose ends and spending time with my family. Next week is where the adventure begins! We fly out to Australia on the 6th and cannot wait to do some exploring there. We will have a full month to spend time with Ollie's family and check out some of the coastal towns. It will be the first time in years that we won't be rushed for time and feeling obligated to fit as much as we can into a short week. It honestly feels completely surreal. We both have some pretty big plans for the next year and I can't wait to bring you along!
Fashion Blogger and Digital Nomad Alison Hutchinson
And like I said, for now we are taking it easy in Victoria and spending time in some of our favorite spots here. Like always, the first place we went was to the beach near my family's house. There's something about this spot that instantly relaxes me and makes me feel at peace. The little cove is protected from the wind and I've never seen more than 20 people here at a time. In other places of the world, this would be unthinkable, but here it is the norm.
Fashion Blogger and Digital Nomad Alison Hutchinson
Fashion Blogger and Digital Nomad Alison Hutchinson
On days like this, all I need is a simple dress, bare feet and wild hair. The easier, the better in my books. I just received this dress from Tobi and it couldn't be more perfect for the upcoming trip. I was so happy when it arrived because it looked even better than I had expected from the site -- the material is beautiful, very well-made and hangs so perfectly. The ultimate "throw on and go" dress that will match my simple new lifestyle. 
Fashion Blogger and Digital Nomad Alison Hutchinson
Tobi also has 50% off your first order so it's the perfect way to try out their clothes. As you may know, I'm a pretty big fan of theirs and have worn some of their items on the blog before (herehere and here). I'm more than happy to recommend them to you guys and really think you should check them out! 
Fashion Blogger and Digital Nomad Alison Hutchinson
* This is a sponsored post provided by Tobi. All opinions are my own.

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