Saturday, 18 February 2017

Belitung Beaches

travel blogger, Alison Hutchinson, on a white sandy beach in belitung

Like I mentioned in my last post, Ollie and I spent a few days on Belitung Island and had quite an incredible experience.
Our sweet hosts gave us a tour of the west coast on our second day there and we checked out some of the beautiful beaches. We were there during the off season, but the beaches were still absolutely stunning and the sand was some of the whitest and finest I've ever seen. I could only imagine how amazing this place would be during the dry season. I'm kicking myself for not realizing this before going there, but it was still pretty incredible.

After the beaches, we checked out the markets in the city and bought some bananas while we wandered around. One thing to be said is that there is a TON of trash everywhere. For such a beautiful place, it's a shame that the residents don't take more pride in it. At the beaches, you need to pay an entrance fee, which you would assume was for the upkeep of the area, but there was so much trash everywhere and all along the shore. It's not as though the fee was too high, but I just would have thought that money would be going towards something useful. Maybe it's better during the dry season, but it seems to be a recurring theme in Indonesia -- it's the same in Bali as well, but at least we don't have to pay to visit the beaches here!

Trash aside, Belitung really was so beautiful. The beaches, the landscape and especially the people. Experiences like this don't come around too often and I couldn't be more grateful for having it. I don't think we'll be forgetting Belitung anytime soon!
on a white sandy beach in belitung
travel blogger, Alison Hutchinson, on a white sandy beach in belitung
a white sandy beach in belitung
cabins at the beach in belitung
travel blogger, Alison Hutchinson, on a white sandy beach in belitunga
white sand on belitung island
belitung beaches
ships in the belitung harbour
ships in the belitung harbour surrounded by trash
chili peppers at the belitung market
belitung landscape
Belitung Landscape
travel blogger, Alison Hutchinson, admiring the beautiful landscape of Belitung



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