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HOW TO WEAR a Striped Tee from Day to Night

How To Wear: The Striped Tee From Day To Night
As the second feature of my "How To Wear" series -- I wanted to feature something that most of us already have in our wardrobes -- the striped shirt. This one from Riot Theory is a bit special because it has these beautiful flared sleeves and gorgeous ribbed material, but the same rules apply to any striped shirt.

Like I mentioned in my last post -- this series has been inspired by my travels and living for months on end out of one suitcase. I need to be able to make multiple looks out of one item, otherwise it just can't make the cut. There's no room for wasted suitcase realty here! This year, I'm traveling to locations that include both spring and summer, so I need things that can take me through both seasons. There shouldn't be anything too cold, but there will definitely be some cooler temps where layering is required. I find this to be the trickiest weather to pack for and last year I found that I was really lacking in nice looking items that I could wear for something like a dinner out at a restaurant on cooler night. A good striped top like this one will be able to take you from a casual day at the beach to a date night with your man and everything in between. 

Keep reading below to see 3 ways I've styled this top from day to evening. Also, check the end of the post for a discount code that Riot Theory kindly provided for 20% off anything on their site!!


How To Wear: The Striped Tee From Day To Night
The second that warm weather hits, I'm living in shorts and will wear anything I possibly can with them. At the moment, Sydney isn't actually warm enough to go full summer mode, so throwing a denim jacket on over top is the perfect way to keep warm. The weight of this particular striped tee is also amazing for adding a bit of extra warmth, but if you're somewhere a bit cooler, you could swap out the black shorts for some black jeans and have the same effect.

I love a striped tee with denim shorts for that laid-back, carefree vibe. It really is a no-brainer but always looks amazing. You can go quite nautical or french with this one, but I've gone for ultra slouchy and casual -- a good representation of what I look like on a daily basis.

There really are no rules with this particular look. Find your favorite denim shorts (mine are from One Teaspoon and are my old faithfuls), throw on your striped tee and denim jacket and you're ready! I personally prefer to mix black denim shorts with a blue denim jacket or vice versa, but a blue double denim look is always strong too.
How To Wear: The Striped Tee From Day To Night
How To Wear: The Striped Tee From Day To Night
 In this look: Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren Denim Jacket, Riot Theory Striped Top, One Teaspoon Bandits Shorts, Vince Sandals


How To Wear: The Striped Tee From Day To Night
If I know anything about fashion, it's that you can count on a good pair of jeans for almost anything. Take any top you could possibly think of and it will more than likely pair perfectly with the right jeans. The striped shirt is no exception and this will be your everyday go-to. Although this may seem like quite a basic look (and yes, it is), there are still some particular things to pay attention to.

The fist thing to consider is the fit of your jeans. The style of the moment is the slim fit straight leg and even though it took me a while to find the right ones, I'm now fully converted. These ones are from Levi's, but GRLFRND, MOTHER and Topshop all do some amazing ones as well. The details of the fit are quite important as they should be nice an snug around the hips and thighs, loose along the calves, and hit just above the ankle to show a little gap of skin. The combination of these details gives a nice slimming effect to a style that could otherwise do the opposite. The snug hips counteract the loose fitting tee and the gap of skin shows off the smallest part of your leg, which not only makes them look slimmer, but also makes them look longer.

My next styling tip, and I know this will sound so basic, but it all comes down to the tuck. I feel so silly mentioning this at all, but it's something you might not think of when styling a look. I used to never tuck anything in, or I would just do a half tuck (still do this one a lot), but the look at the moment is the full tuck. This is especially important when you're wearing straight leg jeans with a loose tee because you want to give that waist/hips definition. You also want to be able to show off the booty that this style of jeans flatter so much.

The next thing to consider is your footwear. As it is currently fall in North America, boots are definitely the best choice. These ones are my go-tos as they work for both fall and spring, but any boot that hits right at the ankle will do. Also, a heeled sock boot would look amazing as it fits nice and tight to your ankles, giving that slimming effect while keeping you warm on colder days. Finally, to easily take this look from day to night, you can simply swap out the boots for a pair of pumps and you're ready for drinks with the girls!
How To Wear: The Striped Tee From Day To Night
How To Wear: The Striped Tee From Day To Night
IN THIS LOOK: Riot Theory Striped Top, Levi's Wedgie Jeans, Witchery Boots, Daniel Wellington Watch and Bracelet, Aritzia Bag


How To Wear: The Striped Tee From Day To Night
I think my favorite trend at the moment is the leather miniskirt and I will wear it with practically anything: sweaters, blouses, turtlenecks, and most of all -- a striped tee. I call this an evening look because I am wearing it with heels, but it could easily be made daytime appropriate by switching them out for sneakers. Wouldn't that be adorable?

Once again, you want to fully tuck in the top (sorry to mention that again, but it's important!) so that you get the nice waist and booty definition. This particular skirt is extremely tight and body hugging, which can be a little tricky to tuck anything into without getting that "pouch" from the excess fabric. My trick is to fold the top underneath in the front, then take the excess fabric in the back, twist it and tuck in just that bit of extra fabric. You can see what the effect is in the last shot. This will take away some of the extra volume and bulk around your waist.

Like I mentioned, this skirt is very tight and body hugging, but another lovely option would be an a-line mini. The a-line style is especially cute for daytime and would look so adorable with this top. I'm loving anything leather or vinyl at the moment and there are so many options everywhere you look. You can easily find one that suits your taste and body shape. 

For the long legs effect, I always love a good pair of nude heels. Last year, I opted to not bring any heels at all and seriously regretted it. Even though I don't wear them that often, they make such a difference in an evening look. This outfit is the perfect example -- it just wouldn't be the same with a pair of flat sandals. I opted for a pair with a thick heel and comfortable straps that I could actually walk in, but feel free to go all out in a killer pair of pumps. You really can't go wrong. And isn't it amazing the way a casual striped tee can be transformed for an evening look? That is the epitome of versatility. 
How To Wear: The Striped Tee From Day To Night
How To Wear: The Striped Tee From Day To Night
How To Wear: The Striped Tee From Day To Night
IN THIS LOOK: Riot Theory Striped Top, H&M Skirt, Spring Heels, Aritzia Bag




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