Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Port Macquarie | Roadtripping Australia

 Terribly sorry for being the worst blogger in the world, but Ollie and I are on an epic road trip up the coast of Australia and have been super busy seeing all the beautiful sights. I hope you understand!

We've been staying in Sydney for the past couple of weeks and decided to drive up the east coast. We are taking just over a month and will go as far as Airlie Beach to visit the Whitsundays, but more on that later. For now I want to talk a bit about our first stop, which was Port Macquarie. Well actually, we made a quick little stop at Birubi Beach to have a picnic on the beach and stretch our legs.
This beach was a bit of a surprise, but we needed to stop for a break so we pretty much just pointed at the map and picked a place. Turns out we chose well because this beach was absolutely stunning. It had the most beautiful white sand, went on for ages and even had camels! We watched people ride them back and forth to the water a few times and walked along the water's edge for about an hour or so before we hopped back in the car to continue on our way to Port Macquarie.
Port Macquarie has been on our radar for quite a while -- ever since we did a little road trip up to Forster last year, we had been meaning to check it out. This time, we made it our first stop and spent 2 nights there. The forecast was for rain the entire time, but we lucked out and got a just enough sunshine to keep us happy. 
We stayed at a little motel called the Town Beach Motor Inn, which was perfect for what we needed. Nothing fancy at all but only a block or two from the beach and about a 15 minute walk to the shops. I would definitely recommend it for a quick stop in Port Macquarie.
The town itself is really cute, with a stunning walk along the beach. I'm not sure exactly how far it goes, but we were walking on it for at least an hour and didn't do the entire thing. I feel like Port Macquarie is worth a visit just for this walk. It's good for a bit of fitness as well because there are some stairs and inclines along the way, but nothing too intense for the casual walker.
We took our new drone out for the first time and although I'm terrified of breaking the thing, Ollie is loving it. I did manage to get this shot of us though!
We only ate out once while there, but we did check out quite a few places before settling on The Burger Rebellion, which was delicious and they serve a vegan friendly burger so I was happy. I was honestly quite surprised at how many cute little restaurants there were in the town -- all with their own personality and most had vegan friendly options as well. Don't forget to bring your own wine because the majority of places are BYO.
 On our second day in Port Macquarie, we went to the Koala Hospital, which was arguably the best thing ever. At 3pm every day, they do a free tour and introduce you to the sick koalas they are taking care of. They can't be touched or held as they need to be reintroduced to the wild once they are better, but we were able to get pretty close, watch them being fed their medicine and hear their stories. The hospital itself was really beautiful and the enclosures had full eucalyptus trees within them so the koalas could climb and do as koalas in the wild would do.
The Koala hospital is free to visit, but they appreciate any donations you can give as they are 100% run on charitable donations. You can even adopt a koala through this link here!




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