Thursday, 28 December 2017

1770 | Roadtripping Australia

The moment we heard there was a town called 1770, we knew we had to check it out. 

With a name like that, you would expect everyone to have heard of it, but every time we mentioned the town, no one believed it was actually called 1770. Without fail, the phone would come out and the place would be googled -- and yes, that is its name. Apparently it was named after the year of Captain Cook's landing in Queensland. Anyhow, it is the cutest little button of a town and definitely worth a visit during any roadtrip up the east coast of Australia.
It turns out that the town is quite a popular holiday spot for Queeslanders and you really get that happy holiday town vibe from the place. It is totally surrounded by beaches and beautiful outlooks from tall cliffs. You see people getting around everywhere by riding bikes and carrying surfboards to and from the beach. There really is nothing like that laid-back holiday vibe.
The visit to 1770 fell on my birthday (by chance) and so we spent the day doing my favorite things -- eating acai bowls & thai food, and swimming at the beach. I was still quite sick from the Fraser Island trip, but the warm sun and lazy day were exactly what the doctor ordered. 
This was the first beach we came across thus far on our trip that didn't have that signature Australian white sand. It was more of a red color, which matched the deep red earth of the area. It seemed to be unique to this area and made it all the more beautiful. The water was still a beautiful turquoise and the contrast between the two was absolutely stunning.
We stayed at the Captain Cook Holiday Village and this one was a bit out of town, but if you have a car or bike it's no problem at all. It wasn't quite summer holidays in Australia so that might have helped us out, but we never had any trouble finding parking -- even on the weekend at the beach. There's also access to the beach from the holiday park itself, but you have to walk through the bush for about 15 minutes and to me that just sounds like way too much opportunity to run into a snake...
We stuck to the main part of the beach, which was in a nice little protected bay that had the sort of gentle waves that I personally love. I'm actually really missing this little town as I think about it. The people were truly so friendly there and it's the type of place that you can't help but be happy and relaxed at. It turned out to be the perfect place to spend my birthday.




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