Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Sunny Days and Wedding Planning

Oh summer, you are so wonderful. I swear, my entire Instagram feed is full of people complaining about the heat and I'm over here, soaking it in and having the time of my life. 

It has been the perfect time to return home to Canada because it's reminding me how beautiful it can really be here. I'm honestly a little afraid for how Ollie and I will deal with the winter, but that's a few months away yet so we'll just have to enjoy every moment of this heat while we can. And luckily, we've decided to break up the winter with a trip to Australia, where we'll be getting married! We've decided to tie the knot on the beach in one of our very favorite places and I'm seriously getting so excited. I had started off very slowly in the planning department but now we've got the ball rolling and I honestly can't wait. 

We've decided to go super small and intimate with our wedding -- a sort of elopement that suits us perfectly -- and hopefully our friends won't hate us too much for wanting to keep it at only immediate family. I've been to so many weddings and have loved the parties and shared celebration so much but I just can't see it for myself. Honestly, the thought of being the center of attention terrifies me and I don't even think I would be able to enjoy the day if we went that route. And since it is our day, I feel like we can do it however we want!

So this is probably going to be my obsession for the next 3 months leading up to the big day and I'm not mad about it. Bring on the Pinterest boards and blog inspo!

Aritzia Tee
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James Smith Sandals
Ethos Myth Necklace

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