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Top 5 Favorite Sunglasses

 I've spent a lot of time in the sun over the last couple of years and have formed a bit of an obsession with sunglasses. I feel like since I could only choose a select few to fit in my suitcase, I've found the shapes that work best for me and with only five pairs, I think I've covered all possible outfit scenarios (well most of them anyways).

I've always had a soft spot for sunnies ever since working in a sunglasses shop in my teens and this love has carried on ever since. I don't invest in many designer luxuries, but when it comes to sunnies, I just can't go any other way. Of course, you can find incredible dupes for any one of these shapes of sunnies, but there's truly something to be said for quality -- especially when it comes to protecting your eyes.

Below I've listed my 5 favorite sunglass shapes for 2018.


This pair of Prada sunnies is my newest and quite possibly my favorite of them all. Not only is the shape so universally flattering, but they are polarized as well so extra protection for my beloved eyes. I had been looking for a designer pair in this shape for absolute ages after wearing a cheaper pair to death and am so happy I finally found these ones. I was actually surprised to see that they were a dark blue color on the frames, but once I tried them on, I was even more happy for it. I feel like the blue lends the sunnies something a little unique, but it's subtle enough to not be too crazy or statement making. 

I styled these sunnies with a casual everyday look, but the beauty of these guys is that they are so versatile, they'll go with practically everything. They give a cool vibe to a flowy dress, look amazing with a suit and fit in at the beach with a swimsuit equally as well. I love that hipster touch these ones add and would happily recommend them to anyone that likes this shape. I got these ones from Smart Buy Sunglasses and right now they have 50% off your first pair when you sign up for their newsletter! Seriously -- how amazing is that?


This Miu Miu pair is my second newest and such an amazing score from Nordstrom Rack. I love some good cat-eye sunnies, but the current trend of the micro size that have to be worn at the tip of your nose look so hilariously ridiculous on me -- plus, they just don't make any sense in actual sunshine -- so I was so happy to find this pair that still has the nice angular shape, jut on a much more wearable scale. 

I tend to wear this pair with dresses or with looks that are a bit more "fashion". I love them with this Reformation dress and think they will look just as amazing in the fall with a blazer, jeans and heels. Of all the pairs in this post, I think this one will date the quickest, so it might be a good option to go with a dupe here. There are plenty on the high-street, so you won't have any trouble finding your perfect pair.


Nothing beats the oversized sunnies to hide that multitude of sins. We all have those days that we just want to hide behind the biggest pair of sunnies we can find and these ones from Saint Laurent are my go-tos. I've had these guys for a few years now and they haven't let me down. I'm far from precious with them and they honestly don't have a scratch on them. Some would say they are too big for my face, but I would have to politely disagree. They are the perfect size for hiding it, therefore they are the perfect size for it.

I've worn these guys with a casual shirt and jeans here and totally love them worn in this way, but more often than not, these are my beach sunnies. I love that they hide most of my face from the sun and really cancel out most of the glare that smaller sunnies can miss. Of all the sunnies, these ones probably suit me the least, but that's ok -- they're still here to stay.


No list of the best sunglasses could ever be complete without a classic pair of aviators. These things have been in style since before I was born and I have a feeling this style will be around for quite a while longer. And, of course, you can't get more classic than Raybans. Now, even though Rayban Aviators are total classics, these ones a actually a little twist on that because of the rose gold color. I thought that this could have been a little risky and more of a trend purchase, but I bought them about 5 years ago now and the style is still going strong. I figure that I've had them for long enough now that if they do go out of style there will be no hard feelings, but it seems like rose gold just gets stronger and stronger so I'm not too worried.

Due to the lighter lenses on these ones, I tend to wear them on cloudier days. They are perfect for that overcast, but still bright day that is all too common on the west coast of Canada. I didn't end up wearing them too often in Australia or SEA because it was always blindingly bright there, but I was still happy to have them.They are the perfect shade for those casual days when nothing but an aviator makes sense.


My final pair is my most-worn throughout the last 2 years and has definitely earned its cost-per-wear. Along with the first pair, these are the most versatile and can be worn with practically anything. These guys feel a little flimsy and the wire rim is quite thin, but they have been through trial after trial and have come out next to pristine. I think I have one little scratch on the lense (and quite a bit of salt build up from all the beach time) but they've proven to be much tougher than they appear. These are my second pair of Raybans and probably won't be my last. There's something about this brand that looks so amazing on everyone. I love a universally flattering shape like this.

I've worn these sunnies in so many photos, but this set is one of my favorites. I loved this day so much and I love that the sunnies ease right into the carefree vibe. I feel like one moment they're hipster and the next they're bohemian, and seriously -- can it get any better than that? I don't think so either.

I hope you like my recap of my favorite sunnies of the moment. I would love to hear -- what is your fave?

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