Sunday, 30 December 2018

The Farm Byron Bay

I had seen The Farm on Instagram a ton of times and knew we had to visit during this trip. Having our little nephew Joshua with us was the perfect excuse, but in all honesty he only lasted about 15 minutes after we arrived and so we explored on our own. But no matter -- it's actually a great place for people of any age.

It seems that the main point of this place is to grow and raise the food that they serve in their restaurant (animals included) and I'm obviously against the whole animal eating part of it, but it does look like they are well looked after and happy so at least there's that.

It really is a beautiful property and very much worth a visit. The little pigs are so cute and the grounds are stunning. I could have spent the entire day there. I left wanting a big acreage of my own where I can grow my own food and rescue lots of cute little piggies to live out their lives happily in the mud.



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