Saturday, 15 December 2018

The Start of Our Wedding Trip | Hawaii

sunset in Honolulu Hawaii | Alison Hutchinson
So I know I've already jumped ahead to our honeymoon in the last post, but I'm going back to the beginning of our trip, which started in Hawaii.

Sometime last year, Ollie and I realized that it was actually cheaper to do a layover in Hawaii for 3 nights than it was for the 2 of us to fly directly to Sydney from Vancouver (and vice versa). And so, our love for Oahu and serial Honolulu visits had begun. I think we've now visited Hawaii 4 times in the last 18 months and are more than happy to keep it going. We're actually returning on our way home to Victoria!

We left on our trip at the beginning of November, just as the weather started turning cold. Most people thought November was a strange month to get married, but we knew what we were doing and it worked out perfectly. In truth, we could have left a couple of weeks earlier because winter came to BC super early this year, but I think it just made us appreciate the heat that much more.

We had the perfect 3 days in Hawaii -- eating our favorite foods, swimming in the ocean and drinking plenty of Mai Tais. One day we will do all the touristy stuff, but the call to relax is too strong for us. This was our first time visiting Hawaii in November and I think it was actually the best experience for us so far. It was far quieter than any other time we've visited, but the weather was beautiful and the water was the perfect temperature. I think November is just a month most people don't think to travel, but if you can -- I'd definitely suggest visiting Oahu at this time. I know it gets quite busy once December hits though...

Anyways, I hope you like these snapshots we took with my iPhone. We never seem to think to take our cameras around with us there, but sometimes the phones capture the best memories anyways.
Our Wedding Trip | Hawaii
Acai Bowls at Island Vintage Coffee in Waikiki, Hawaii
Waikiki Beach, Honolulu, Hawaii
Yogaloha studio in Waikiki Hawaii
surfboards in Duke Alley at Waikiki Beach in Hawaii
sunset in Honolulu Hawaii | Alison Hutchinson
Mai Tais at Waikiki Beach in Oahu Hawaii



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