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Aveda Exfoliant product shot
 I think one of the biggest lessons I've learned during my skincare journey is the importance of exfoliating. I've had about a million and one facials, but not until recently did an esthetician explain to me what's happening with my skin and how I can actually help the process while at home.

Now, I wasn't going to talk about my experience with Aveda products just yet as I've been using them exclusively over the past couple of weeks and will be sharing my thoughts on them in about a month's time. But I've actually been using the Aveda Exfoliant for about 4 months now and love it so much that I thought it deserved its own post.


As I mentioned in my last BEAUTY MONDAY,  have dehydrated/combo skin. Really, it's just dehydrated, which is making my skin overcompensate by producing excess oil in my t-zone and therefore causing breakouts. I always thought that I needed to add as much moisture as possible and avoid any acids that will dry my skin out, causing me to turn instead to physical exfoliants. This just aggravated my skin and made me break out even more, so I gave up exfoliants altogether. Enter the beautiful Courtney at Emerald Day Spa in Victoria, who actually took the time to explain that I need to clean out my pores and use a gentle chemical exfoliant that will melt away all the grime and debris that likes to hide in them (very important when your skin is producing excess oils). Of course, there are tons of different chemical exfoliants and I can't speak for all of them, but I can speak for my experience with this one from Aveda. Aveda Exfoliant product shot


Like I said before, physical exfoliants -- the ones with rough bits inside the product that you rub on your skin -- were a little too aggressive for me to use regularly on my face and just seemed to be making matters worse. (I've since reintroduced them in my skincare but I'll talk more about that later.) I always thought that you needed to pretty much scrape away the gunk, but in truth, using a chemical to "melt" and dislodge it from it's place in your pores is much more effective. I suppose that the term chemical exfoliant sounds a little frightening and like it's going to burn your skin, but in reality it can actually be quite gentle and have an unexpected hydrating effect. My skin LOVES this stuff and I noticed a brightening and plumping effect the very first time I used it.


This product from Aveda uses a combo of AHAs, including Salicylic, Lactic and Citric acids. The salicylic acid dissolves the debris that clogs pores; the lactic acid helps reduce acne breakouts and wrinkles, while hydrating and improving the skin's moisture barrier; and the citric acid is great for brightening skin and reducing the appearance of sun damage. The end result is smoother, brighter, plumper skin. And after using this for the past few months, I can say this is certainly true.

aveda exfoliant liquid consistency


The consistency is like water and it has a beautiful spa-like scent. The perfume is actually quite strong, so if you are sensitive to scents, you may want to pass on this one, but if you are like me and love a luxurious smelling product, you will love it. It includes a mix of lime, geranium and eucalyptus -- basically an instant destresser.


The recommended use is to soak a cotton ball with the product and wipe it across your face every night after cleansing. This is the exact way I applied it (well, I used a cotton pad instead of a ball) until I ran out of cotton pads about a week ago and since then, I've just been pouring a small amount in my hands and wiping it straight onto my face. I actually prefer it this way because I don't feel like I'm wasting as much product as before, I'm not aggravating my face with the wiping of the cotton pad, and I'm not creating so much waste every night (I swear my entire garbage was just those dang cotton pads!).


As you can see above, the Aveda Exfoliant comes in a 150 ml bottle so you get plenty of product. I've been using it every day since the end of October and am just about to start my second bottle either tomorrow or the next day. I've actually gotten Ollie onto it as well so it would probably last even longer if you are the only one using it. But if you have a live-in partner, good luck! This stuff is too good to keep to yourself.
Aveda Exfoliant Product shot

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