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Aveda's Wedding Masque Duo | Beauty Monday

Aveda Tulasara Wedding Masque and Tulasara Wedding Eye Masque
Ok, so I realize that this beauty Monday is a day late, but shhhhh. I won't tell if you don't!

I was having a little think of what has stood out to me as my favorite product at the moment and in all honesty, I wasn't going to choose this one. That was until I didn't use it for a day and felt the HUGE difference it made!

Like I mentioned before, I'm currently using all Aveda products for a little collaboration I'm doing with Emerald Day Spa here in Victoria and so I've been using this cream exclusively over the last 6 weeks or so. I can usually tell pretty quickly whether I like a moisturizer or not and knew this one was good right away but it wasn't quite so obvious how good it was until I decided to use my old moisturizer one day and wow -- such a difference! I think I've been a little thrown off because my skin is sooooo different after being away in hot tropical (read:HUMID) climates for 2 years, and then being shocked into this dry and cold one -- I just didn't know this is what my new skin felt like. But now that I've been home for a couple of months and using this product, I think I have a pretty good feel for it.


The Tulasara Wedding Masque and Wedding Eye Masque are both meant as overnight hydrating masques that do their job while sleeping. The tagline is that you wake up to luminous wedding day skin, every day. I sure would have liked to find this stuff before my actual wedding, but never mind. I have it now and who doesn't want luminous skin every day?


This stuff hydrates, plumps, brightens and tightens the skin while you sleep. It uses a potent turmeric extract to help even the look of skin, which gives an overall brightening effect. If you look through the ingredients, you will see a ton of plant extracts that are known for their moisturizing properties, as well as: Hyaluronic Acid (helps retain over 1000x its weight in water), Citric Acid (reduces fine lines and brightens), and Squalane (powerful anti-ageing and oil balancing properties, plus promotes collagen production for firmer plumper skin). Like all Aveda products, the ingredient list is quite long, but what they've included is all good stuff -- 97% of which is naturally derived.


After your regular nighttime skincare routine, add a good layer of both the Wedding Masque and Wedding Eye Masque as you would any other creams. You can really just think of it as a super rich moisturizer. I've actually been using it as my day cream as well because my skin has been that dry. Once it start to warm up a bit outside, I'll switch to a regular day cream and use this one only at night. If your skin isn't as parched as mine, I would recommend using it only at night.


I feel like the name is a little misleading on this product but not in a bad way. I've used other overnight hydrating masques and they usually sit on top of the skin and feel like a sticky coating that never quite soaks in. They feel extra rich, but I'm always paranoid about getting them all over my pillow (and I do because I'm a stomach sleeper). With the Tulasara Wedding Masque, you don't get that really "masque-like" feeling. It is super rich, but it actually soaks into the skin -- more like an ultra-hydrating nighttime cream. And I really do feel like I've been waking up with brighter and plumper skin. And as I mentioned before -- I'm using both of these masques during the day as my regular moisturizers as well. I thought that maybe I could switch back to my old moisturizer now that my skin has been looking nice and glowy everyday, but about 30 minutes after using the other one, I felt that dreaded tightness over my forehead and cheeks. I also saw the fine lines come back on my under eyes that hadn't been there in over a month. Since then, I haven't looked back and am pretty much hooked on the stuff.

I've been loving my glowy skin -- even in the dead of winter -- and happily recommend this product to anyone that suffers from dry or dehydrated skin. You may find it a little overkill to use it both day and night like I do, but even just used as a nighttime moisturizer should give you great results as well.
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I hope you're finding my Beauty Mondays helpful! Let me know if you have any suggestions on how to make them better, or if you would like me to cover something specific. I'm really enjoying this feature!

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