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Paper Bag Style Pants for the Office | STYLE WEDNESDAY

Alison Hutchinson in Dynamite clothing for the office
 I never thought I would say this, but I'm really enjoying dressing in work wear! I've been living the bohemian nomad life for two and a half years and never thought I would ever look back. Well, I knew the nomad life wasn't going to last forever, but I really hoped the bohemian part would!

Alison Hutchinson in Dynamite clothing for the office
Before we left on our travels, I made a point of giving away ALL of my work clothes. I mean it -- every last item was either donated or given away to friends. I felt like those items of clothing held too many negative vibes and in Marie Kondo's way of looking at it -- they definitely did not spark any joy. So in the end I'm happy to have parted ways with those pieces, but now that I'm back working in public rather than from my living room, I have to dress the part once again.The great thing is that it all feels like a fresh start and anytime I get to buy new clothes is a bonus for me, especially since I've been very conscious of not over-purchasing for the last few years.
Alison Hutchinson in Dynamite clothing for the office
In the past, I always went straight for the black pants and blouse combo and to be honest -- that never felt like me. I like to keep things pretty simple but I still don't want to be boring or too formal. My workplace is actually super relaxed so I probably didn't need to but proper trousers but I saw them and I liked them so I decided to give them a try!
Alison Hutchinson in Dynamite clothing for the office
I've always found the paper bag waist to be super flattering and I like the way they look on my body shape. I'm pretty straight up and down, so anything that makes my waist look smaller is a winner in my books. I quite like the subtle pleating on these ones, which gives room through the hips and thighs, and also gives the illusion of a smaller waist where it's pulled and scrunched in. It gives that look of "oh, the waist on these are way too big so I've had to belt and scrunch them up to fit." Sounds pretty dang good to me! 
Alison Hutchinson in Dynamite clothing for the office
Another trend I've really been into lately in the use of hair accessories. I am So into it. I loooooved hair accessories when I was little and feel like I'm getting so much nostalgia from it -- but of course in a more grown up and refined way. I went all out on pearls for my wedding day and am on the lookout for a pearl hairclip for everyday wear, but this tortoise shell one is really cute too. I picked it up when we were in Australia at Cotton On and have used it so so much. It looks like this trend is going to stick around for spring and summer as well and I'm totally on board. I want them all!
Alison Hutchinson in Dynamite clothing for the office
I wanted to be comfortable (and warm) but also chic and professional so I went with a classic black turtleneck, black oxfords, a grey bag and pearl accessories. I like a tighter fitting top with this style of trousers to show off a bit more shape and the voluminous bottoms make your torso look slimmer when you wear something tight on top (bonus points if its black!) In the end, I think this one's a keeper ad is definitely going to be put in the rotation.

I can't wait to share more work looks with you in the future! xoxo
Alison Hutchinson in Dynamite clothing for the office


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